The Ends of Words, 2023

The Ends of Words
Voltaje, 10th edition, Bogotá, Colombia / 23 Nov. > 26 Nov. 2023

Pascal Dombis’ The Ends of Words is a site-specific installation which questions the issue of the multiple ends of writing words and alludes to all the “ends of …” that characterizes our current times: the end of art, the end of man, the end of civilization, the end of politics, the end of history and of course the end of the world. Languages, texts and words are living organism who grew, proliferated, are mutating and ultimately will die. Writing was born roughly 5000 years ago, which is quite recent compared to the hundreds of thousand years of human mankind history. Written text developed considerably in the last couple centuries and its expansion has always been related to technology development, from papyrus invention, Gutenberg printing press until today digital tools.
For Pascal Dombis, it is obvious that the actual ultra-fast and out-of-control technology expansion (AI, Bots, social networks …) is an immediate threat to written texts and words and will soon make them obsolete. The Ends of Words’ installation for Voltaje questions the future obsolescence of the words by creating a site specific environment featuring columns made of metal cut letters and newly developed video pieces using images and cinema movie footages.

Everything has always already starting and everything is always coming to an end (1)
(1) Jean Luc Nancy & Federico Ferrari, La fin des fins, 2018