Double Connection, Shanghai

Double Connection is a permanent public artwork is composed of 2 large structures made of transparent glass, printed in random color on one face and white on the other. Based on my work series on Irrational Geometrics, It produces a proliferation of thousands of line-curve shapes, creating 2 different energy flows which radiate on all the surrounding urban space and engage with the visitors. The piece intend to convey another kind of mapping of the world in terms of itineraries and displacement, in which networks, connections and links come into play.

In term of color, Double Connection propose a different experience depending on the visitor position. The line-curves are white when walking from the Huangpu riverbank and they become colorful – each individual line being assigned to one unique random color – when walking back to the river. The artwork provides two opposite faces of the same pattern, one face in white and one in random color. The line-curves are not in color OR white but both in color AND white. And this confrontation between white AND color is a fundamental part of my work: It is the idea of AND by opposition to OR and the artwork carries many other AND issues such as straight lines/curve lines, simplicity/complexity … It echoes also with the Yin and Yang concept from ancient Chinese philosophy.

Double Connection is located in the new Shanghai area of Lujiazui Harbour City, along the Huangpu riverbank and next to Shipyard 1862 renovated by Kengo Kuma.

Collaboration with the architect Gil Percal and production with Art Front Gallery