Eurasia (Google_Color), 2009-2013


…The internet is a decisive source of our perception of, and information about, the conflicting world. It is used by Dombis, like by a few more artists only, in a manner for his works that visualize the quality and the dilemma of the medium at the same time. The two 2-part pictures « Google–Red-White-Blue-Black–West/East » and « Google_White-Black_West/East » are digital collages made of Google image search results for the words red, blue, black and white. The picture halves compare the search results of Asian and European Google pages. Google .com, .de, .fr or .it on one hand and Google .cn, .kr or .jp on the other. The motives from the internet are put together into a collage with the help of a random algorithm. The results are connected structures, that combine both picture halves, east and west, on one hand as well as show clear differences in the motives on the other hand, which emphasize a clear distinction of both sides. That which determines the current sight is once again the observer’s point of view and his movement in front of the artwork. In the same way that the bulk of information in the Cloud can be fixated only for a short moment, and depending on the access always appears differently, these works also present an extremely unstable, ever-changing picture made of an apparently infinite amount of information…[More]