Crack, 2010-2016


For Pascal Dombis, “crack” constructs a major paradigm of our time. Through the multiple ongoing crises – political, financial, technological and ecological – we observe that the entire western environment seems to be in cracks: the world is cracking, Wall Street is cracking, God is cracking, man is cracking … and art is also cracking ! With this situation in mind, Dombis has collected hundreds of thousands of digital pictures that corresponded to Google searches for the word “Crack” in all the major languages. Dombis makes no selection of the pictures collected. He is not interested in their discrete particularities or aesthetic qualities, but in their excessive accumulation – as well as in the various mental scapes they conjure up. Here the Internet is exploited as a creative process. This excess of downloaded “Crack” images offer a wide range: from images of broken lines (wall crack, glass crack) through drugs, computer cracks and joke images showing ass cracks. To present this work, Dombis has conceived of a device composed of two screens mounted on two vibrating motors. The motor vibrations are randomly controlled in frequency and intensity. And their movements directly drive the image flow displayed on the screens: the more the motors vibrate, the faster the images are displayed. Ultimately, the “Crack” installation works as a projective mental test. The variation of image speed and the screen’s physical variations – along with the mechanical / analog noise produced – makes it possible for the viewer to immerse himself or herself in the cracks of our time.